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A message from ZucoraHome

Brad Geddes, President & CEO

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we're leveraging the most up-to-date information from public health authorities. This helps us make decisions about our operations so we can continue serving and working with Canadians from coast-to-coast.

As part of our national effort to respond to COVID-19, on May 4 we reopened our warehouse and production facility. A small team of our employees returned to help bottle and distribute much-needed hand sanitizer under our "Be a Rainbow" initiative. It's a way we can help fight the virus spread while keeping our employees engaged in a worthwhile mission. Our customer solutions and administrative teams continue to operate remotely.

Picture of Brad, CEO and president of ZucoraHome.

We Believe Doing the Right Thing Matters

It's often said, "Adversity does not build character, it reveals it" – a message being severely tested during these challenging times.

We are inspired by international leaders and health experts who under intense pressure, have risen to the challenge of dealing with these unprecedented difficulties.

It is our belief that an organization and the way it functions is most often a reflection of its leadership. Characteristics of good leadership stem from an unshakable belief that doing what is right, at the right time and for the right reasons, is the foundation for creating trust.

We recognize the disruption that this situation is causing in the lives of customers, our market partners, service technicians and all Zucorians. We are proud to have been serving Canadian families for more than 40 years and we sincerely value the trust and confidence they have placed in us as we help them protect family budgets while reducing the burden of managing their households.

ZucoraHome Leads with People

We have often said, and we truly believe, that business is about more than just the numbers – it's really about people helping people. Even during these challenging times, our teams remain focused on supporting our Market Partners and their customers because we know that when we help them succeed, then we will undoubtedly find success.

Our Market Partners

Many of our Market Partners are highly successful home furnishing retailers who now face unprecedented challenges brought on by COVID–19. The combination of temporarily closed showrooms, reluctant consumers and supply chain difficulties make it particularly challenging to know when business might return to a somewhat normal state.Believing that a positive future will eventually arrive, we are helping our Market Partners navigate during these uncertain times.

Our technology team has doubled-down its development initiatives to create new solutions that will support our Market Partners as they begin to reopen. We have developed and are assembling a new collection of products to help our Market Partners create a safe showroom environment for their customers. We are energized by the opportunity to serve as a result of these highly unusual circumstances.

Our Representatives and Technicians

It would not be possible to serve our Market Partners or their customers without the support of our representatives or our national network of technicians. While many are currently prevented from doing their good work due to self–isolation, we are helping customers appreciate that they will receive priority service as soon as restrictive measures are relaxed and we can maintain a safe environment.

Our Communities

While being focused on meeting the needs of our Market Partners and their customers, we are also paying attention to the challenges faced by our communities. At the initiation of our team, we launched a successful "Be a Rainbow" program to inspire hope and generate a positive spirit to get through this difficult period together.

In support of the government's plan to mobilize industry, we shifted bottling capabilities to produce thousands of pump-dispensing bottles of Health Canada-approved hand sanitizer. Our goal is to donate our Be a Rainbow Hand Sanitizer to the community organizations supported by ZucoraHome where their front-line staff and volunteers are working directly with some of society's most vulnerable.

Be a rainbow sanitizer

Our Future

While the future may appear uncertain for some, we know that better days are ahead for all of us. The actions we're taking today will ensure we remain strong and will help our Market Partners and customers when we arrive at the "new normal". If there is anything we can do to assist you during these difficult times, please reach out to us. We are here to serve.

Stay well, Stay safe.